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// Personal : An a p p e a r a n c e //

... Schneizel. It seems he, too, has entered the fray.
Must you show up now...?Collapse )
To think, Euphemia li Britannia, a princess of death? Impossible. I won't allow it to happen... especially with the two I've met in this nexus, and my own sister. Cornelia, on the other hand... I may have no choice but to take her out by using Euphie's kind soul against her. As of yet I've had no formal opposition like I had been from my current opponent, but rest assured that her and Schneizel together could only mean bad news.

I will use them to get to the truth of my mother's murder. Clovis---under my Geass, no less--had said that they knew. If that is the case... then I will probe their minds for information... and when they are no longer of any use for me, I shall dispose of them like crumpled, used notepaper. And, my... something tells me that I will enjoy it.
{ OOC: This takes place while Lelouch is aboard the Black Knight's submarine, acting as Zero. He has just been asked to consider having Kururugi Suzaku assassinated. Like the last bit of headcanon I've given you, this scene and it's changes from early on in episode 18 also takes place between himself and C.C.

It's a long read, and I worked as hard on this as I did the other one to make the characters fit in this situation. If you don't like AU, don't read. You've been warned.

“Suzaku... you're a fool.”Collapse )


{ OOC: The following scene takes place after Lelouch meets C.C. in turn Five, or episode Five. He and her have moved upstairs to Lelouch's bedroom, away from Nunnally. If you want an idea of time, try mid-afternoon, I suppose. I've edited it to include partial tidbits, though the placement may seem sketchy at first, this should help set the tone. Please note that Lelouch, while aware of pieces of the contract and parts of C.C.'s true identity, has no idea about who she has contracted with, or his own fate at first. This includes Mao. He doesn't learn this until after the incident with Mao himself; after he's died.

My apologies if either seem OOC or are saying or doing things they normally wouldn't. I do not play C.C. well, I'm sure; nor do I ever plan to learn. Secondly, I'm still grasping his character and figuring in the slight differences in characterization--it's bound to be semi-difficult for me.

“... I see. So this is how your mind works, Lelouch 'Lamperouge'.”Collapse )



[Geass] The one giving the orders...
¦ Lelouch ¦ ╤±╤ ¦ Lamρeяouge ¦


So, I'll let you hear about the world I'm painting...
For light to shine in this heart.

What reflects in your eyes is not everything;
You should already know that.

I'll embrace the pain, face the sadness
Look! The future shines in my hand.

I'll keep to myself this pointy glance, cut off this era...
So the future that we'll see would turn from black to white.


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